More greenhouse growers are interested in using biological controls (beneficial insects, mites, nematodes, and fungi) to help manage pests and diseases. It’s a complex system, so a long learning curve is common. Using biological controls, growers report improved plant quality and better safety for workers and the environment.

greenhouse engineering

Greenhouse Management and Engineering


Approximate Heating Value of Common Fuels

Comparing Fuel Costs

Condensing Boilers and Heaters for Greenhouses

Design and Layout of a Small Commercial Greenhouse Operation

Determining Greenhouse Heat Loss

Develop an Efficient Materials Storage System

Energy/Shade Screen Systems

Evaluating Wood Fuel for Greenhouse Heat

Facilities Master Plan

Fan and Pad Evaporative Cooling Systems

Federal and CT Incentives for Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy

Geothermal Heat for Greenhouses

Germination Chamber/Growth Room for Seedling Production

Greenhouse Energy Conservation Checklist

Greenhouse Heat Distribution

Greenhouse Sprayers and Spray Application Techniques

Handling Rainwater Runoff

Heat Storage for Greenhouses

Heating Cold Frames, High Tunnels, and Overwintering Structures

Heating System Maintenance

High Tunnels - Low-Cost Season Space

Horizontal Air Flow Systems

Hydroponic Systems

Important Factors to Consider when Checking Heating System Efficiency

Insect Screening can be an important Pest Management Tool

Insulating Sidewalls and Endwalls has a Short Payback

Materials Handling- Carts

Materials Handling- Conveyors

Materials Handling- Shipping

Mechanization and Materials Handling Basics

Natural Ventilation in Greenhouses

Natural Ventilation in Hoophouses

Pesticide Storage

Pipe Insulation - An Energy Saving Measure

Plastic Film Update

Plug Extractors, Watering Stations and Tagging Machines

Practical Ideas to Cut Labor Costs

Practical Ways to Increase Production Space

Problems with Using Unvented Greenhouse Heaters

Rainwater Harvesting

Reduce Greenhouse Humidity

Reduce Storm Damage to Your Greenhouses

Replace Your Thermostats With An Electronic Controller

Root Zone Heat Installation Techniques

Securing a Building Permit for a Greenhouse


Selecting and Building a Commercial Greenhouse

Selecting and Maintaining Thermostats & Controllers

Shade for Summer Cooling

Shipping Efficiency

Some Selected Resources on Commercial Greenhouse Hydroponic Production

Tips on Purchasing Heating Fuels

Transplanting Methods and Equipment

Upgrading the Greenhouse Heating System

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