The University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension System's Vegetable IPM Program helps commercial vegetable growers find sustainable solutions to pest problems. The program emphasizes healthy soils, balanced plant nutrition, proper pest and beneficial identification, scouting and monitoring techniques, preventative management strategies, reduced-risk pesticide selection and application, and resistance management.

Crop Talk

Crop Talk is a newsletter from the University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension System and Department of Plant Science for commercial vegetable and fruit growers. Our goal with Crop Talk is to provide you with information on the latest developments in any and all aspects of vegetable and fruit farming, and to keep you abreast of upcoming educational events and opportunities.

Commercial vegetable growers: To sign up for Crop Talk, email and write "Subscribe to Crop Talk" in the subject line.


Shuresh Ghimire

Shuresh Ghimire

Assistant Extension Educator

Commercial Vegetable Crops