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2024 UConn Extension Vegetable and Fruit Grower’s Conference

The 2024 UConn Extension Vegetable & Small Fruit Growers’ Conference was held at the UConn Storrs campus in the Student Union on Tuesday, January 9. The conference was co-organized by UConn Extension and the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES). There were a total of 211 attendees, with 138 regular admission, 14 speakers, and 47 vendors and sponsors with 35 booths. 

Out of 87 evaluation respondents, 99% replied positively  (70% "Yes" and 29% "Possibly") that they learned something that would help them with their business. There were many great examples of topics that proved helpful to the attendees, including biodegradable plastics, mesotunnels for cucurbit production, pest control methods, and fertigation/injection systems. 80% of respondents replied positively ("Yes" or "Possibly") that they intend to make a change in their farming practices/operations from what they learned at the conference. The 2024 conference was held at a new location, the Student Union at UConn's Storrs campus. 84% of respondents reported they either preferred this new location or had no preference for the location of the conference.

There were 14 speakers total, with topics including (but not limited to) high tunnel tomato nutrient management, bramble production in different seasons, Aroniaberry production as a new niche crop, trap crops and insectary plants, biodegradable plastic mulch, and crop insurance. All talks and speakers can be found in the full 2024 program, linked here. Some feedback received from attendees includes:  "Loved the new location!" and "Overall great conference". We have also received great suggestions from the participants for topics and speakers for the next year's conference.

We hope to see you at the next Vegetable and Fruit Grower's Conference, which will be held at the same location (Student Union in Storrs campus) on January 7, 2025! Below are some of the presentations that were featured at the 2024 conference.

Click on each link to access the presentation.

Brambles: Summer vs. Fall

Aroniaberry: A Native Superfood Pome Fruit

Soil-Biodegradable Plastic Mulches for Specialty Crop Production

Mesotunnels for Cucurbit Production

2023 On-Farm Field Day

June 1, 2023 1-4pm

Join us at Cecarellis Harrison Hill Farm for an on-farm field day!

186 Old Post Rd Northford, CT 06472

Focus was on low-to no-till implements, a new strip-type plastic culture implemented to battle climate change, along with other customized implements that fit the need for small farms.

Implements include:

  • Zone Tiller
  • No-Till Drill
  • Roller Crimper
  • No-Till Corn planter
  • Low Till Corn planter
  • Speed Disc Tiller
  • Plastic Layer

This event included live in-field demonstrations of these implements!

Vegetable Twilight Meeting at Cold Spring Brook Farm, Sept. 2022

UConn Extension held a Vegetable Twilight Meeting at Cold Spring Brook Farm in Berlin, Connecticut on September 21, 2022. The video below is a recording of the meeting, and the handouts shared are also included.


Handout 1 – Uneven Ripening in High Tunnel Tomatoes

Handout 2 – Models and Data

Handout 3 – Biodegradable Mulch

Our work with high tunnel vegetable production is supported by USDA NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant Award # NR203A750008G009/Subaward # 0008145/07132020, and our work with biodegradable plastic mulch is supported by USDA Crop Protection Pest Management Program Grants # 2021-70006-35582 and 2017-70006-27201.

2022 UConn Extension Vegetable & Small Fruit Growers’ Conference Presentations

The 2023 CT Vegetable and Small Fruit Growers’ Conference was held Wednesday, January 4. Please find below the PDF versions of the presentations. We hope to see you again in 2024!

Drone Imaging to Monitor Potato Leafhopper Damage in the Field

Vegetable benefits and disease control of nanotechnology

Strawberry Systems at Brookdale Fruit Farm

Nourse: Strawberry Plug vs Bare Root