Turf & Landscape

The UConn Turf and Landscape IPM Program supports turfgrass and landscape professionals in Connecticut with educational programming and recommendations to manage turf and landscape pests that may reduce the quality of commercial and residential landscape properties. These recommendations support agricultural businesses in the lawn maintenance and landscape construction industries and professionals that care for parks, cemeteries, municipal properties, conservation districts, cities, and towns.

The landscape sector of the CT Green Industry contributes much to our state economy. These businesses purchase and utilize CT grown nursery and greenhouse crops. They also provide landscape services for homeowners and commercial businesses both in and out of Connecticut.

Photo of Victoria Wallace

Victoria Wallace

Extension Educator

Turf and Landscape, School IPM, Pollinators, Invasive Species

IPM Team Leader


Educational Outreach Opportunities

IPM turfgrass training and consultations for commercial turfgrass businesses: contact Victoria Wallace, (victoria.wallace@uconn.edu); 860-885-2826.

Home gardeners with turf and landscape questions and diagnostic needs: contact the UConn Home and Garden Education Center.

Additional Resources:

CT Programs

UConn team members conduct educational seminars and workshops, pesticide safety and certification training, hands-on field training, site visits/consultations for turf and landscape management operations, diagnostic services, and research. The IPM website is updated periodically by IPM Program team members.

Educational programs include participation in the UConn Turfgrass Field Day, Municipal Grounds and Sports Turf Academy, Sustainable Landscape Twilight Meetings, and the UConn Native Plants and Perennials Conference. The UConn Turf and Landscape Program also supports professional associations, such as CT Groundskeepers Association, CT Nursery and Landscape Association, CT Grounds Keepers Association, and CT Parks Association. UConn Team members contribute to and support regional educational conferences such as the New England Regional Turfgrass Conference.

If you would like to receive updates on the UConn Turf and Landscape IPM Program, please contact Victoria Wallace: 860-885-2826 or victoria.wallace@uconn.edu.