UConn’s Sweet Corn IPM Action Thresholds

European Corn Borer (ECB)

  • 30% infested whorl-stage plants
  • 15% infested pretassel-stage plants
  • treat early-season, fresh-silking corn if 35 or more ECB moths/week are captured in pheromone traps

Fall Armywarm (FAW)

  • 10% infested whorl or pretassel-stage plants
  • treat fresh-silking corn if 50 or more FAW moths/week are captured in pheromone traps


  • 15% infested whorl or pre-tassel-stage plants

Corn Earworm (CEW)

Average number of CEW moths captured per trap each night Spray interval for silking corn
0.0 – 0.2 no spray
0.2 – 0.5 6 days
0.5 – 1.0 5 days
1.0 – 13.0 4 days
over 13.0 3 days
Less than 5 days until harvest no spray
Note: CEW spray intervals should be lengthened by a day if daily maximum temperatures were less than 80 degrees F for the previous 2-3 day period.

This information was developed for conditions in the Northeast. Use in other geographical areas may be inappropriate.

Reviewed by: T. Jude Boucher, IPM, University of Connecticut. 2012

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