Ornamental and Turf Online Short Course

UConn Extension offers an online Ornamental & Turf Short Course in the fall and winter, which helps students prepare for the pesticide applicator supervisory exam.

This Short Course is an in-depth review of the information necessary to study for and pass the Ornamental and Turf/Golf Course Superintendents State of Connecticut Supervisory Pesticide Applicator Certification exam. A student that completes all the modules, works through the quizzes, and studies the resource materials independently should be able to pass both the written and oral state exam successfully.

This short course consists of eight modules that the student can complete independently: Pesticide Laws and Regulations, Pesticide Safety, Botany, Plant Pathology and Ornamental Plant Diseases, Entomology and Insect Pests of Woody Ornamentals, Area and Dosage Calculations, Turf Management, and Weed Management. Each module consists of learning objectives, topic sections, and slides with a recorded narrative, and closes with a quiz on the material. The modules can be completed and revisited at any time while the student is enrolled in the course.

An instructor will meet virtually with the students weekly on Wednesdays at 5:30-7 p.m. to review each module topic and answer questions. Each weekly class includes a basic overview of the subject and highlights specific pests, their biology, and control.

Expect to spend study time reviewing each module topic outside of the review class. The more time you spend studying the module topics and reviewing each module’s post-quiz, the more beneficial the course will be for preparing for the final short course exam and the state exam.



Winter 2024 Ornamental and Turf Short Course

Wednesdays 5:30-7 pm, from January 10 - March 13, 2024

Registration now open!

The course is available online only (no in person course available at this time).


Contact Alyssa Siegel-Miles, alyssa.siegel-miles@uconn.edu

To be added to the list to notify you about registration for future classes,
please contact Alyssa Siegel-Miles, alyssa.siegel-miles@uconn.edu



The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture Core Manual can be downloaded for free

You can also buy a physical copy of this manual from UConn Marketplace: Core Manual (pickup option) or Core Manual (shipping option)


An optional manual, “Ornamental and Turf, Category 3 Manual” ($43.00 plus shipping and handling), is also available from Cornell.


Check for used copies of these books with your colleagues or online.


Information regarding testing and other information can be found on the CT DEEP website links.

More information for Supervisory Certification.