Nursery IPM

Program Leaders: Mary Concklin, Extension Educator and IPM Coordinator Victoria Wallace, Extension Educator; Jacob Ricker, Public Service Technician

Nursery site visits were conducted by Jacob Ricker at eight nurseries including email reports with feedback. Ricker reached out to nursery growers for a needs assessment in which 12 nurseries responded with feedback. Victoria Wallace worked with CT Nursery & Landscape Association (CNLA) to develop the 2020 annual conference program. Dr. Ana Legrand collaborated with CNLA to organize and moderate the Spanish Program for the 2020 CNLA Winter Symposium.

Jacob Ricker, Victoria Wallace, and Alyssa Siegel-Miles authored 3 UConn Nursery and Landscape Updates that were sent to 68 nursery growers and 450 landscape professionals, and are available on the IPM website (

  • Pruning Recommendations and Guidelines. March 2020
  • Weed Management for Connecticut Nurseries and Landscapes. May 2020
  • Biological Pest Control in Nursery Production and Landscape Management. February 2020

Four nursery and landscape articles, plus one newsletter were translated from English to Spanish by Ivette Lopez:

  • Beneficial Nematodes
  • Horticultural Oils
  • Spotted Lanternfly
  • Monitoring Arthropods
  • Pruning Recommendations and Guidelines
people at an online turfgrass meeting

Rhus aromatica ‘Gro-Low’ with leaf miner and leaf galls
Photo: Jacob Ricker

Brunnera macrophylla with foliar nematodes

Brunnera macrophylla with foliar nematodes
Photo: Jacob Ricker