Introducing… IZZY

Izzy PuppetMascot for The Integrated Pest Management Curriculum for Connecticut

Izzy, a praying mantis, is the mascot for the University of Connecticut Integrated Pest Management curricula. Izzy was designed by Chris Rowlands, a naturalist, humorist and educator, who performs in Connecticut schools.

The Integrated Pest Management coordinators at the University of Connecticut are working with Connecticut teachers to develop five comprehensive curricula for children and young adults in grades K through 12. These curricula are intended to illustrate the application of the science, math and language arts taught in our schools to solving the environmental and human health problems facing society and to introduce the concepts of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to the younger generation. The interactive, easy-to-follow lessons and supplemental resource materials will enable participants to make environmentally sound, economically smart decisions when facing the growing problem of pest management.

Izzy appears throughout the curricula, helping to introduce new concepts and reinforce lessons already learned.

An Izzy hand puppet (shown below) is included in each K-1 curriculum kit and each kit for grades 2-3.