Deep Zone Tillage Growers/Educators/Equipment Dealers

These experienced New England deep zone till (DZT) growers/educators invite you to contact or visit them to learn more about DZT. The farms range in size from 20 to over 300 acres, so you don’t have to have a huge farm to use zone tillage.

Ask the growers about:

  • Zone Builder machines
  • residue managers
  • combining tools/equipment to get the results you want
  • cover crop management
  • fertilization techniques
  • weed control
  • time and fuel savings
  • other advantages, etc.

Everybody seems to find new ways to use their Zone Builder and no two growers do everything exactly alike.

Start by reading some of the DZT articles in the Vegetable Section of the UConn IPM Web Site and other web sites. Then, contact someone who has used the system to find out more, visit a farm to see the equipment and results first hand, and finally, buy a machine of your own and start enjoying all the benefits for yourself. Once you start, the only question you will ask yourself is, “why did I wait so long to switch?”

One of the farms listed below now has two Zone Builders of different sizes set up specifically for particular duties (i.e. close spaced shanks to loosen soil under a raised bed), and another grower is about to buy a second machine (to have wide spacing for pumpkins). When I called to get permission to use his name on this list, one of the growers told me that “It’s so fast that I feel like I’m cheating when I make a corn planting. I’m done tilling and planting in 45 minutes.”


May 2010

Nelson Cecarelli
Cecarelli Farm

153 Old Post Road
Northford, CT 06472
Started using DZT in 2007
Uses DZT for SC, winter squash, beans
Tom Scott
Scott’s Yankee Farmer

291 N. Bride Brook Road
E. Lyme, CT 06333
Started using DZT in 2008
Uses DZT for apples, all vegetables, raised beds
Jeff Wilson
116 Tyler Road
Orange, CT 06477
Started using DZT in 2009
Uses DZT for SC, pumpkins, raised beds
Keith Marshall, Manager
Wilson Farm
144 Charles Bancroft Hwy (Route 3A)
Litchfield, NH 03052
Started using DZT in 2009
Uses DZT for all vegetables, raised beds
Mike Zigmont, Manager
Czajkowski Farm
135 Mt. Warner Road|
Hadley, MA 01035|
Started using DZT in 2009
Uses DZT for SC, pumpkins and winter squash


Eben Weil
Ag Consultant
136 Cayuta St.
Corning, NY 14830
Many years of reduced-till/DZT experience
Jude Boucher
University of Connecticut
Cooperative Extension
24 Hyde Ave
Vernon, CT 06066
Started using DZT in 2009 (UConn Research Farm)
Advising on DZT since 2007


Brooks Finnegan
Unverferth Manufacturing
P. O. Box 357
Kalida, OH 45853
Contact info for Unverferth dealers in New England
Stanton Equipment, Inc.
105 South Main St.
East Windsor, CT. 06088

T. Jude Boucher, Agricultural Educator-Commercial Vegetable Crops, UConn Cooperative Extension, Vernon, CT. May 2010. Reprinted from Croptalk v.6.1

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