Common Pests Found on Selected Host Ornamental Plants

Andromeda: lace bugs, southern red mite, two-spotted spider mite, black vine weevil

Arborvitae: arborvitae leafminer, bagworms, spruce spider mite, Fletcher scale, hemlock looper, strawberry root weevil

Azalea: azalea bark scale, azalea leafminer, azalea whitefly, black vine weevil, lace bugs, rhododendron borer, azalea sawfly, two-banded Japanese weevil, southern red mite

Beech: woolly beech aphid, beech scale, cankerworms, two-lined chestnut borer, oystershell scale, maple leaf cutter, horntail

Birch: aphids, birch leafminer, bronze birch borer, cankerworms, birch sawfly, forest tent caterpillar, fall webworm, Japanese beetle, lace bugs, leafhoppers, European hornet  

Boxwood: boxwood leafminer, oystershell scale, boxwood psyllid

Cedar: bagworm, spruce spider mite, cedar longhorned beetle

Cotoneaster: lace bugs, oystershell scale, eastern tent caterpillar, pearslug sawfly, roundheaded appletree borer

Crabapple: aphids, leafhoppers, leafrollers, leafminers, eastern tent caterpillar, Japanese beetle, fall webworm

Dogwood: dogwood borer, oystershell scale, cottony maple scale, dogwood sawfly

Euonymus: euonymus scale, euonymus caterpillar

Fir: balsam twig aphid, balsam gall midge, spruce spider mite, hemlock looper, spruce budworm, balsam woolly adelgid, cooley spruce gall adelgid

Flowering fruits: (Cherry, Pear, Plum, Peach, Almond) aphids, European red mite, eastern tent caterpillar, fall webworm, peach tree borer, oystershell scale, white prunicola scale, pearslug sawfly, two-spotted spider mite, leafrollers, lace bugs

Hemlock: elongate hemlock scale, hemlock eriophyid mite,spruce spider mite, hemlock woolly adelgid, black vine weevil, hemlock looper, gypsy moth, hemlock needle miner

Holl:y holly leafminers, inkberry leafminer, southern red mite

Honeysuckle: aphids, clover mite, two-spotted spider mite, cottony maple scale

Honeylocust: honeylocust mite, honeylocust podgall midge, honeylocust gall midge, honeylocust plant bug, cottony maple scale

Juniper: arborvitae leafminer, juniper scale, juniper webworm,spruce spider mite, bagworms

Larch: larch casebearer, larch sawfly, larch woolly adelgid, hemlock looper

Lilac: eastern tent caterpillar, lilac borer, lilac leafminer, oystershell scale, white peach scale, European hornet

Linden: aphids, Japanese beetles, lace bugs, two-spotted spider mite, cankerworms, linden looper, linden borer, gypsy moth

Magnolia: magnolia scale, tuliptree scale, aphids

Maple: aphids, maple gall mite and rust mite (eriophyids), twig pruner, maple petiole borer, maple leaf cutter, cottony maple scale, forest tent caterpillar, gypsy moth, leafhoppers

Mountain ash: European red mite, mountain ash sawfly, lace bugs, pearslug sawfly, roundheaded appletree borer, Japanese beetle

Mountain laurel: black vine weevil, rhododendron borer, rhododendron stem borer, lace bugs, mulberry whitefly

Oak: gypsy moth, kermes oak scale, lecanium scale, oak leaf gall, oak leaf skeletonizer, twig pruner, two-lined chestnut borer, oak leafroller, oak leaf tier, cankerworms, oak spider mite, forest tent caterpillar, lace bugs, periodical cicada

Pachysandra: oystershell scale

Pine: aphids, European pine shoot moth, pales weevil, pine bark adelgid, pine eriophyid mites, pine needle scale, pine sawflies, pine false webworm, spruce spider mite, white pine aphid, white pine weevil, pine looper, pine webworm, spittlebugs

Poplar: Japanese beetle, aphids, forest tent caterpillar, fall webworm, gypsy moth, poplar and willow borer, clearwing borers, imported willow leaf beetle, oystershell scale, two-spotted spider mite

Privet: privet rust mite (eriophyid), white peach scale, lilac leafminer

Rhododendron: azalea bark scale, rhododendron whitefly, black vine weevil, European hornetlace bugs, rhododendron borer, rhododendron gall midge, two-banded Japanese weevil, southern red mite

Rose: aphids, Japanese beetle, leafhoppers, rose chafer, roseslug sawfly, scales, two-spotted spider mite

Spruce: Cooley and Eastern spruce gall adelgids, spruce budworm, spruce bud scale, spruce gall midge, white pine weevil, hemlock looper, spruce spider mite

Sycamore: aphids, lace bugs, sycamore plant bug

Taxus: black vine weevil, taxus mealybug, cottony taxus scale, rust mite, taxus bud mite

Viburnum: scales, snowball aphid, viburnum leaf beetle, tarnished plant bug, thrips, lace bugs

Willow: imported willow leaf beetle, aphids, oystershell scale, poplar and willow borer

Please contact your local Cooperative Extension Center for chemical and other management options or visit the on-line guides of Cornell University and Penn State.  Note: This information may not apply to your state or other geographical area.

Updated by Donna Ellis, Senior Extension Educator, UConn IPM Program, 2011.

By Roger G. Adams, State IPM Program Leader, Entomologist and Richard J. Packauskas, Entomologist, University of Connecticut.  Taken from Integrated

Pest Management for Insects and Related Pests on Ornamental Plants: A Guide for Arborists and Grounds Keepers.  University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension System publication 94-16.

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