2020 IPM Projects

Beissinger, Abby. Northeast Plant Diagnostic Network. USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).

Beissinger, A. and S. Ghimire. Hot water seed treatment training and service for growers. CES grant for Innovative Programming in Extension, UConn

Bonelli, J. and M. Concklin. Simplifying Risk Management through Collaboration and Innovation. 2020-2021.USDA Extension Risk Management Education (ERME) grant

Bonelli, J. and M. Concklin. Crop Insurance and Risk Management Promotion, Education and Training for Connecticut Farmers and Growers, 2018-2020. USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA).

Brown, R.N., A. Radin, J. Amador, J. Gorres, and S. Ghimire. How much is too much? Managing nutrients in high tunnel vegetable production. USDA NRCS

Concklin, M. Drone Imagery for Early Detection of Fruit. Crop Nutritional Deficiencies. Evan Lentz and Nancy Marek, graduate students; Dr. Chandi Witherana and Dept. of Natural Resources and Environment, UConn. USDA SCBG

Concklin, M. BMSB Monitoring. Cooperating growers: Belltown Orchards, Blue Hills Orchard, Hickory Hill Orchard, Rogers Orchards. USDA-EIPM and USDA-NIFA-CPPM.

Concklin, M. Fruit IPM – Applied Research and Outreach Programs. USDA NIFA CPPM EIP.

Ghimire, S and A. Beissinger. Hot water seed treatment. New England Vegetable and Berry Growers’ Association.

Ghimire, S. and C. Miles. Soil-biodegradable plastic mulch professional development training. UConn Extension and Washington State University

Ghimire, S. Sulfate of potash crop trial. Rose Mill Co. West Hartford, CT.

Ghimire, S., J. Bonelli, M. Kelly. Mashantucket Pequot Federally Recognized Tribes Extension Program. USDA/NIFA FRTEP.

Ghimire, S., J. Bonelli, M. Kelly. MPTN Sustainable Cropping Systems Outdoor Classroom. Indian Land Tenure Foundation.

Ghimire, S. Teaching ‘Basics in Vegetable Production’. Mashantucket Pequot Federally Recognized Tribes Extension Program, 2017-2020. USDA Federally Recognized Tribes Extension Program (FRTEP).

Henderson, J., Morris, T., Guillard, K., Inguagiato, J., Rackliffe, S., and Wallace, V. Organic Turf and No-pesticide Turf Demonstration Project for Lawns and Athletic Fields. EPA/CT DEEP. (Updates to UConn FertAdvisor App.)

Legrand, A and M. Concklin. UConn Subcontract. An Undergraduate Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Training Program for the South and Northeast Regions. USDA AFRI ELI.

Legrand, A. In cooperation with the CNLA Education Committee. Spanish Program for Green Industry Employees. CNLA 2020 Winter Symposium & Expo.

Legrand, A. Vegetable IPM – Applied Research and Outreach Programs. USDA NIFA CPPM EIP.

Legrand, A. and C. Witharana. Development of a Model System for Scouting Potato Leafhopper Using Unmanned Aerial System Technology. Research Excellence Program, Office of the Vice-president for Research, University of Connecticut.

Legrand, A. and C. Witharana. Integrated Systems Research and Development in Automation and Sensors for Sustainability of Specialty Crops. SAES Capacity Grant Program.

Scheufele, S., A. Legrand, B. Sideman, F. Zaman, and D. Gilrein. Increasing Grower Adoption of Ecologically-based Pest Management Strategies to Improve Quality and Yield of Brassica Crops. NE SARE.

Wallace, V. Turfgrass IPM – Applied Research and Outreach Programs. USDA NIFA CPPM EIP.

Wallace, V. 2020 CNLA Winter Symposium Chair, Plantsville, CT. Moderator, Presenter

Wallace. V. 2020 UConn Turfgrass Field Day. Virtual, CT. Moderator, Presenter.

Wallace, V. Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group Symposium, 2020. Virtual, CT. Moderator, Planning Committee.

Wallace, V. Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turfgrasses (ALIST) Kentucky Bluegrass Trial.

Wallace, V. 2018 National Turfgrass Evaluation Trial-Tall Fescue Test, Year 2, National Turfgrass Evaluation Program.

Wallace, V. 2020 COVID-19 Survey of CT School Grounds Managers.